Flipping over omelets



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Bacon-stuffed omelet

I make omelets on the weekend. This video is going to help my omelets look better. Thank You!

Wendy R Johnson 232 days ago

This was new learning for me.

This was new learning for me. I always filled the omelet with the ingredients and slide it out the pan. I did not know you sauté the herbs and such before adding the eggs. You gave me the perfect tip to a delicious omelet.

E. Mathis 233 days ago

flipping over omelets

Now I know why the inside of my omelets did not appear to be done. This video was a great help and I will practices until I perfect flipping omelets. I will keep you abreast on how I am doing with cooking omelets.

Donteena Edwards 235 days ago


Ah ha! That's why my omelets are always extra brown when I fold them. Thank you for the great tip.

richard M olney 242 days ago

Thank you

I’m going to give it a go!

Wanda Brock 248 days ago

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