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I really like how Ed talks about the pepper with passion and excitement. I was very happy to read this as well, "“The Carolina Reaper is just the first of 19 peppers we’re going to roll out that are all hotter,” he says."

WOW!! I didn't think they could get any hotter, but that's awesome. How are they going to continue to come up with super intimidating names for all those?

It is already quite amazing to consider that pure capsaicin is 16 million scoville units, while the reaper is 2 million. That means that the reaper is about 12% capsaicin! Amazing to comprehend that this functioning living thing has so much heat in it, while the plant still has the ability to function and reproduce. At some point, it is going to become impossible to create hotter peppers because more capsaicin can't be packed in them. It will truly be astonishing to see a pepper break the 3 million scoville mark. That would be almost 20% capsaicin.

Jay more than 6 years ago

the next day...

ouch is all I can say

rhonda reed more than 7 years ago

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