Who let the lizards out?



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Love your humor and thank you!

Love it! I appreciate your humor, and it's especially needed now! May I share it to Facebook?

Debra Snider 296 days ago

Thank you so much, Debra

We'd love having you share it.

Jan Igoe 273 days ago

Of course.

Thanks Debra. (Sorry for the delayed response.) Please share!

Jan Igoe 121 days ago

Loved this!

What a wonderful piece! Thanks for making me laugh today!

Perrin Coxe Kreidler 299 days ago

Much obliged

Thanks so much.

Jan Igoe 292 days ago

You are hysterical!!!

You made my day, as usual, with your incredible column...and I mean that as a compliment!!! I live up north, but if I encounter anything worthy of a look-see, I will let you know!!

Alexis Simonetti 308 days ago

Thank you so much!

I appreciate the kind words Alexis.

Jan Igoe 308 days ago

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