Guppies before puppies



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I have four rescue cats and one miniature doberman that is smaller than two of the cats. She thinks she is king of the hill. She makes them come in when she thinks its time. Why they call them dumb animals, I don't know. Mine have me and members of the house well trained. Love your column, read it first.

carolyn sheek 228 days ago

Thank you, Carolyn

I wouldn't have made it through the pandemic without fuzzy companionship! Take good care of your pack.

Jan Igoe 197 days ago

Thank You to Jan!

Your column always is the first thing I read! SC Living is a great help for info but you are my first read because I know it will make me smile and laugh out loud.

Julie Matlock 228 days ago

Thank you so much!

I appreciate it so much when readers take time to say such kind words. You made my day.

Jan Igoe 228 days ago

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