Rhythms of my grandparents



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I read this almost with tears in my eyes. My Grandparents were farmers as well. I remember the gardens and the wonderful vegetables that I looked forward to. Even though we were farmers in Virginia I saw many similarities. We now call SC our adopted state. This was a wonderful reminder that we grew up in the best of times, we were taught respect, we knew work ethic, faith and love of Country. Thanks for sharing your memories and reminding me of mine.

Mary Shelton 87 days ago


Mr. Couick, thank you for sharing your wonderful childhood memories of time spent in your grandparents' homes. I spent similar times with my mother's parent in Polk County, NC during the same era. My own parents were not happy and our home was very chaotic. But when we arrived in Mill Spring time slowed down and peace reigned. I will always remember that oasis at the foot of Fox Mountain with Papa and Granny. It is a part of the very fiber of my soul. I joyfully remember and long for the rhythm of the days spent with them. Thank you for evoking those memories today.

Alison Galloway 91 days ago


Love this

Nichole Quarrie 87 days ago

Rhythms of my Grandparents

This letter brought me back to a simpler time and simpler lives. I so remember sitting on the front porch with my grandmother. No one ever met a stranger in Fort Scott, Kansas and hands were waving and horns honking all day long. My husband and I bought a small piece of land in Little Mountain and plan to build a farmhouse complete with a front porch. Snap chat with my grandchildren will be snapping green beans while we chat away.

Debby Nalbone 82 days ago

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