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Best pizza you will ever eat!!

One of the best pizza's you will ever eat. Rick has brought real authentic Neapolitan pizza to the state. Had some of the best pizza I have ever eaten in authentic pizza places in New Tork City but this blows them away. The ingredients are dynamite and the combinations seem not to work until you take a bite and then WOW!!! If you have not been here you need to make the trip. We live in the NE area of Columbia and we go here twice a month. Excellent!! You will not eat better pizza anywhere..

Robin more than 7 years ago

Have you tried Apizza di Napoli in Aiken?

You have got to try Apizza di Napoli in Aiken, SC. They really have great truly authentic Neapolitan pizza. Their wood-fired oven was shipped in from Naples Italy. The owners have lived in Aiken for over 30 years and are originally from Naples as well. All their ingredients are fresh and served in a nice upscale relaxed atmosphere. It is the best kept secret in all of South Carolina. Their Pizzaiolos's are trained and certified in making Napoli pizza.

Bob Bett more than 7 years ago

Great Pizza

Noahs pizzas are fantastic, and I don't say that because Marzan has been a close friend of mine for 30+ years, it's because the combinations taste great together, and I don't feel guilty for eating it, like I do with traditional pizza!

Richard Brawley more than 7 years ago

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