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Mary Watts.
Dear Friend,

I understand that your advertising and marketing objectives may be as simple as wanting to reach and engage prospective customers with your print ads or as involved as developing a multiple platform marketing campaign. 

I offer you my marketing experience in both print and digital advertisingand this sincere pledge: 

  1. I promise not to waste your time.
  2. I promise a mature and thoughtful marketing conversation that extends far beyond, "Wanna buy an ad?"
  3. I promise to work for your marketing success as much as South Carolina Living's sales goals.
  4. And, again, I will respect the fact that you are busy, have limited time and have a lot to accomplish to be as successful as you want to be. 

Please call me at (803) 739-5074 or email me at if you would like information on rates, or a custom proposal.


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Mary Watts
Advertising Sales Manager
South Carolina Living