Satisfy your taste for fresh, homegrown produce this summer with advice from expert gardener Joe Lamp’l. Read more

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Co-ops seek to protect utility consumers as the General Assembly debates what to do about Santee Cooper. Read more

SC Life Features

Order extra copies or download a PDF version of the 2021–2022 Legislative Directory to keep in touch with state and federal lawmakers. Read more

The end of the pandemic is in sight, but putting COVID-19 behind us for good will require a true team effort. Read more


Elijah Heyward III has a deeply personal connection to the stories that will be told in the forthcoming International African American Museum (IAAM). Read more

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Women returning to school to earn college degrees may now apply for financial assistance from the 2021 Jenny Ballard Opportunity Scholarship program. Read more

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Even if you can’t stand to eat the stuff, here’s why okra deserves a place in your April gardening plan. Read more

Nobody likes paying taxes, but at least we can get a laugh from all the wonderful ways dear old Uncle Sam spends our hard-earned dollars. Read more

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AmeriCorps members pitch in to maintain South Carolina’s cross-state Palmetto Trail while gaining career and life skills. Read more

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The Lowcountry retreat formerly owned by media mogul Ted Turner is now open for tours as part of Hunting Island State Park. Read more


Fencing is a great way to enjoy a little swashbuckling adventure and get a workout at the same time. Follow along as our intrepid writer picks up a blade for the very first time. Read more

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When he’s not officiating NCAA men’s basketball games, the always-entertaining referee known as “TV Teddy” calls Charleston home. Read more

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Whether you’re partial to beef, chicken, lamb or beans, Chef Belinda Smith-Sullivan has a mouthwatering burger recipe that’s sure to please. Read more

Chef Belinda

While the famous Lowcountry landmark undergoes a complete renovation, we explore the music and memories of bygone eras. Read more

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If saving energy is your goal, there’s one kitchen appliance to replace first for maximum return on investment. Read more

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