Start the new year off right with musical performances that run from the inventive bluegrass of Chatham County Line (pictured) to some of the nation’s top classical musicians. Read more

SC Life Features

Experience a rich heritage and culture with each exhibit and artifact at Walhalla’s Museum of the Cherokee in South Carolina. Read more


Tips that can keep your family comfortable and your energy bills low throughout the year. Read more

, Save Energy

What do you see when you gaze upon the work of metal sculptor Bob Doster? The artist would like to know. Read more

SC Stories

Patrol the Isle of Palms with the Island Turtle Team, a cadre of dedicated citizen scientists who ensure hatchling sea turtles have a fighting chance at survival. Read more

SC Life Features

The S.C. State Museum’s latest exhibit highlights the contributions South Carolinians have made in the quest to explore outer space. Read more


Fight back against the winter chill with these sizzling gadgets. Read more

Gadget Guy

The new year is full of opportunities to tell the old stories that define who we are and remind us that anything is possible. Read more


When the car won’t start on those cold winter mornings, you can always call on humor columnist Jan A. Igoe. Read more

Humor Me

Take a walk through history and celebrate the events that turned the tide of the American Revolution at Cowpens National Battlefield. Read more





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