Make a splash at the Beaufort Water Festival, celebrate history and enjoy life on the farm with our guide to what’s happening this month in South Carolina. more

SC Life Features

Electric cooperative crews sharpen their skills with a little good-natured competition at the 2018 Lineworkers’ Rodeo. more

SC Life Features

With a few easy-to-source ingredients and these simple recipes, you can turn “takeout” into “make-at-home.” more

Chef Belinda

Take a look under the hood of the new, all-electric John Deere tractor. more

Save Energy

Read up on portable electronics that roll with you when it’s summer vacation “go” time. more

Home & Garden

Dress up your summer flower garden with a dazzling display from these curious plants. more

Home & Garden

Learn about the remarkable life of baseball great Larry Doby at the African-American Cultural Center of Camden. more


Learn how to stay comfortably cool all summer long while keeping your electricity bills on ice. more

, Save Energy

Steve Ware worked hard to achieve business success. Now he works even harder helping children in need. more


Some say the world will end in fire. Some say in ice. Jan Igoe’s money is on a global-killer asteroid. more

Humor Me

Cogongrass has invaded South Carolina. Help us eradicate this federal noxious weed before it takes over our roadways and forests. more





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