From Little River’s World Famous Blue Crab Festival to the Battle of Camden BBQ Festival, there’s no shortage of fun food events in South Carolina this month. more

SC Life Features

Crews from South Carolina’s electric cooperatives and Santee Cooper compete in the 21st annual Lineworkers’ Rodeo. more

SC Life Features

Protect native plants and wildlife by stopping the spread of beautiful, but destructive, invasive plants in your landscape—including the Bradford pear. more

Home & Garden

Cogongrass has invaded South Carolina. Help us eradicate this federal noxious weed before it takes over our roadways and forests. more


Our gardening wizard offers sound advice for dealing with the seasonal outbreak of mushroom circles known as fairy rings. more

Home & Garden

Delicious, simple and timeless—all-American diner food is the ultimate feel-good eating experience. more

Chef Belinda

A fluffy meringue topping is the perfect way to finish a fruit pie. Chef Belinda shows you how it’s done in her latest how-to video. more

Chef Belinda

Broad River Electric Cooperative member Karl Kirchner shares the story of his prop car from the the 1966 television show Green Hornet. more

SC Life Features

Kira Adkins is bypassing the traditional college experience to make history at the Medical University of South Carolina. more

SC Stories

Women working to complete their college degrees can now apply for the 2018 WIRE scholarship program. more

SC Life Features

Show your Mom how much you love her with one of these mother-approved gifts. more

Home & Garden

Take the freshest locally grown vegetables, cook according to old Southern recipes and serve in a historic home. That’s the recipe for success at Darlington’s South of Pearl restaurant. more

Chef's Choice

Caring for an ailing loved one takes a toll on the body and spirit. Mepkin Abbey’s caregiver retreats offer a chance to rest and recharge. more


Thanks to YouTube, bad table manners have never been more prevalent—or profitable. more

Humor Me

A determined couple’s record-setting hikes on the cross-state Palmetto Trail are a very personal way to fight back against MS. more

SC Life Features




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