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More than just Ice Hockey in SC

I read this article in your print version of the magazine and I think it's great. I'm in the Florence area and I think I have a great idea for a follow up article. Many people don't realize this, but SC has a significant roller hockey presence. Almost every major city in South Carolina has a pick up roller hockey group. Some play in basketball courts, some have dedicated spaces. The one I attend is a full hockey rink near McBee complete with nets and lights for night time play. The kicker? It was built in one man's backyard and the group has been active since the 90s when it was founded! I lived in PA for a long time and it was tough coming down here to an area with little hockey influence. I've now traveled from Charlotte to Myrtle Beach and played in different groups across the area. It's a little known charm about the sport and I think something worth talking about.

Jesse McClain more than 1 year ago

Cover - hockey

There is another team... Sting Rays! Cover should have been shared.

Bonnie Wicks more than 1 year ago

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