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Congratulations to you!

Awesome in every way. Brava!

Heidi Haaland more than 5 years ago

Thank you

Knowing you accomplished this inspires me.

Linda more than 5 years ago

Oscar worthy

Such a well written and beautiful story, it's one of my favorite screenplays. Please make this into a movie. Bravo to the talented writer!

Robin more than 5 years ago

Bravo, Sally!

Way to show them that us old broads have what it takes! I, too, found myself lost in a world that didn't want me when I was laid off from the medical field. I had dabbled in screenplays, but when the Amazon opened up its doors to Indie authors, I jumped on board. With six bestselling novels under my belt, I can definitely relate! Congrats to a fighter.

Rene D. Schultz more than 5 years ago

Second Act Success!

I love that Ms. West charged after this goal at age 60. Kudos. So exciting to learn that this was a first attempt...such a change from tech writing. Wonderful story to share.

Stephanie DelTorchio more than 5 years ago


Congratulations, Sallie West. Good to know dreams can come true as long as you believe and don't quit.

Natasha Usher more than 5 years ago

Well done

Very impressed with Ms. West's accomplishments. It's a great story to share.

B Sloan more than 5 years ago

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