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Syrup making

We are cooking 80 gals of juice today. Raining so it will take longer. Seriously, you cannot leave the kettle when the juice is gone. We stand over the kettle like watching a new born baby checking every few minutes tor the right consistency. We like around 35 and immediately cut the gas fire and empty the kettle into a wash tub and fill jars. We use an electric mill set up as near the kettle as possible. the juice goes through a fine mesh strainer, pvc pipe, another fine mesh strainer and into the kettle. We use thin cotton material over a fish net frame to skim. Near the end of the cooking a little baking soda is thrown in and the syrup goes into a rolling boil to bring up any remaining trash. The trick is to strain, skim, skim, skim, watch, watch, watch and as soon as 35 is reached, get it out of the kettle. Pour hot water into the kettle and wash down the sides. Oh yes, we do add about a gallon of white corn syrup to help preserve the syrup. Hard work and fun time.

Kimsey Rutland more than 1 year ago

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