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I am a Graduate of the Myrtle Beach Police Academy 26 and had a chance to 'ride along' with Roscoe and his partner Kenny. BOTH are awesome. I have seen our K9 Officers in training and am amazed how dedicated these K9 Officers are. They always deserve our Support. Thank YOU

Monika more than 4 years ago


Have you thought about getting him genetically tested for his breed? He really looks more like a Wirehaired Pointing Griffon.

Grifflover more than 4 years ago


I have had the pleasure of spending time with Roscoe. He usually attends our Neighborhood Watch meetings! He is certainly a very special member of the MBPD, as is his partner, Kenny. We are blessed to have such dedicated and professional individuals in our PD.

Beverly Griffin more than 4 years ago


I really enjoyed your piece on Roscoe and the other K9s in this story. I respect and admire and I am also in awe of what these police officers accomplish and live out for their handlers, partners and friend. I have a two year-old German Shepherd that protects me with his life. I am also the step-sister of a fallen officer with much respect to LEOs and their jobs protecting all of us. God bless them.

Lisa more than 4 years ago

Fallen Officer

I am so sorry for your loss, Lisa. These K-9s prevent so many potential tragedies for their handlers, it's impossible to overstate their contribution.

Jan Igoe more than 4 years ago

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