10 tips for finding lifelong bliss with a shelter dog



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Rules for adopting a shelter dog article

I loved (& related) to this article and wished I read it before adopting my lab mix since I would have been more prepared! The tip on "if you went to Woodstock"...was so funny & yet so true because we all want a puppy but being a 50+ senior, a puppy would be a mistake. Also, I agree on training and suffered a broken wrist when my Brady charged out the front door after seeing something that caught his interest. Like I said, I wish I had read this article before adopting & suggest the shelters hand this article out BEFORE people & families adopt their furry friend!

Patricia O'Sullivan more than 1 year ago


Just got our 8-year-old rescue last Monday from the SPCA. Love our Oakley!

Carmen Reynolds more than 1 year ago

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