The historic house that time forgot



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I am proud to say that many of my ancestors have lived in this home. One is America Burton, who is one of my distant cousins. I love this house and the farmland with all my heart and hope that one day it is fully restored as a living history farm for the public to enjoy!!!

Jacob Lawrence more than 2 years ago

Our proud history

I am proud to say that this home was built by my 5th generation grandfather James Caldwell around 1780.

Richard A. Caldwell more than 3 years ago


I loved this article, I am sort of related to this family, through one of my GG grandmothers Mariah Jane Casey Bonds.

Betty Lewis more than 3 years ago

A Bonds-Hutchison cousin?

Betty, I presume were are cousins but unaware of the background...
I would appreciate your assistance in helping me clarify my lineage to the Hutchison family if possible. My Great Grandmother was also Mariah whose husband of record was S(?) Bonds (Lownesville SC) who was killed in the Confederate War; however Mariah had six children afterwards and all retained the surname Bonds. One of whom, Allen, was my Grandfather whose wife was Annie Campbell. A reputable Lownesville source, A. Carllisle (decease), had indicated to me many years ago those six children's father was M.T. Hutchison. Are you aware of any history or circumstantial evidence to that information?
Looking forward to your reply
William F. Geer, Jr
Hilda Harris Bonds (mother's maiden name)

William (Bill) 222 days ago

Mariah Jane Casey Bonds

Mariah was my GG Grandmother as well; I would enjoy hearing from your side as to some historic or hearsay info concerning her. I believe her husband (a Bonds) was named Josephus and was killed in Civil War and buried (?) in Nashville.

William Geer 186 days ago

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