See what’s in store this month as festival season kicks into high gear with a celebration of classic cars, tributes to the men and women of our armed forces, and a special gathering of young-adult fiction writers and their fans. Read more

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Our Fall & Winter Travel Guide leads you to be the best roadside attractions and local color on on the Cherokee Foothills National Scenic Highway. Read more

SC Life Features

Tut Underwood of South Carolina Public Radio shares his fascination with the S.C. State Fair and its unique ability to delight all five senses. Plus: Share your favorite State Fair memories in our comment section. Read more

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A Midlands nonprofit organization is building a 5-acre monument park to honor the soldiers and drill sergeants of Fort Jackson. Learn how you can help. Read more

SC Life Features

To celebrate National Co-op Month, here are 10 reasons to love your local electric cooperative. Read more


Chosen to represent South Carolina electric cooperatives at a national youth leadership training program, Travis Johnson is well on his way to a bright future. Read more

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The kitchen is more than a place to make meals—it’s the heart of the home! Stock yours with the latest in cooking tools to make entertaining fast, easy and fun. Read more

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Take a walk through history and celebrate the events that turned the tide of the American Revolution at Cowpens National Battlefield. Read more


Harold’s Restaurant in Gaffney has been serving up classic diner food since 1932, and owner Tony Lipscomb sees no reason to change. Read more

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Gardening columnist L.A. Jackson offers a clever way to extend tomato season. Read more

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Humor columnist Jan A. Igoe fixes her steely (and recently improved) gaze on the promise and peril of cataract surgery. Read more

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Stay comfortable year-round and enjoy lower power bills when you upgrade to this efficient option for heating and cooling a home. Read more

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